Month: April 2022

Best answers to “why we should hire you?”

By winfieldteam

The purpose of asking this question in an interview session is to understand your skills, knowledge, work history, and psychological characteristics better.In this situation, the interviewer prefers to give you the opportunity to focus on what you feel is your strength, rather than asking about your skills. It also helps them figure out what is…

What do you know about “Behavioral Questions”?

By winfieldteam

Behavioral questions from the past to the present have played a significant role in job interviews. The basis of these questions is based on a description of a situation and questions about how you approach and manage. Your answer to these questions should be a short story, including the actions taken in that situation and…

How To Boost Your CV

By winfieldteam

If you are considered a senior level manager, you have the kind of job which licenses and certifications are needed then there is no need a second page of the resume. Just a single page of resume is sufficient. It may seem nothing can be deleted. Lets have a second thought! If your resume is…