Best answers to “why we should hire you?”

By winfieldteam

The purpose of asking this question in an interview session is to understand your skills, knowledge, work history, and psychological characteristics better.In this situation, the interviewer prefers to give you the opportunity to focus on what you feel is your strength, rather than asking about your skills. It also helps them figure out what is your priority. This question is sometimes asked in various expressions, some examples of which are mentioned below:

  • Why can you be suitable for this position?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Why are you the best person for the job?
  • Explain why your background and experience are appropriate for the job.

Asking this style of question has been a favorite of interviewers for many years, so it is best to think about it before a job interview.

When this question arises you should be able to be your best marketer and your skill set. A good marketer prepares himself before the sales meeting. The following steps can help you with this:

1.List your skills: There are many types of them which you should consider all. Job Skills: This section refers to your work history and can include telecommuting, internships or any kind of work experience in your background. Extracurricular skills: this type is what you have but have not yet been used in your job opportunities. (For example, you are a mechanical engineer who knows project management or a photographer who knows film editing.) Soft skills: skills such as organizing, conflict managment, social communication and…. These types are not measurable, so be prepared to provide examples in your work history to prove competency.Key Achievements: If there are golden points in your work history that can differentiate you, be sure to consider it.

finally, sometimes your awards and certifications will work. Do not forget them.

2.Read the full job description in detail:

Today, the Internet is an advantage for job seekers. They can get the most detailed information about the company through the site, the LinkedIn page and contacting other employees of the company. Go a little beyond job search information published by the company to get information about the job. The more you know about the position of this job, the better and more you can relate your skills. For example, if you know that one of the problems of the company is ranking their site in Google, you can first mention to your SEO knowledge and influence them.

A very important point that you should get information about before the interview is organizational culture. Trying to fit in with the interviewer’s organizational culture can give him or her a positive feeling that he or she is not aware of, and makes you see you differently from other candidates.

3.Find some skills that will add value in this job position: You will definitely have a lot of skills that can help you in this job position. But longevity is not a good choice. Describe the most key and relevant skills.

Finally, it is better to check some red lines to answer this question:

  • Avoid general answers to questions. the responses like “Because I’m smart, I’m qualified, I need this job, and…” will not make you a unique interviewer.
  • Avoid showing off. Express your skills and experiences with confidence and try hard to prove yourself but do not approach the limits of boasting.
  • Avoid over-explaining this question. Prepare a concise and useful answer.
  • Do not just name your skills. Giving specific examples is a must. The more specific examples you can give, the more memorable you will be.
  • Do not hesitate to give examples in unrelated contexts. For example, if you do not have management experience in a work environment. You can use the expression of good management in a family matter.

Finally, if this question was not asked to you during the interview process. This exercise gives you a brief overview of how you can use the information you have prepared to answer other questions. Questions such as: Tell me about yourself What are your strengths / weaknesses? Why do you want to work here? Tell us about your last job. What is your biggest achievement? At the end, if you do not have any of the above questions, the best opportunity for you is the final question. The question the interviewer asks you is “Is there anything else you want to tell us”. So do not miss the final moments of the game.