How not to fail the interviews?

By winfieldteam

Have you heard of the book Why I Never Failed An Interview by Kishaunna Codner Johnson?

The purpose of this book is to address the secrets that lead to your success in a job interview. Makes many points to increase your chances of winning the interview session and gives you examples of each. You are asked to prepare your interview for that event before attending the session. Do the necessary research about the industry and the company and know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can have the best presentation, as well as the best reasons to be suitable for the job. In this book, you are told to anticipate the concerns and considerations of the interviewer. Learn how to answer the interviewer’s strangest questions and finally surprise the interviewer with your calmness and mastery.

As the first task before attending the interview, the book asks you to know more about the company and states 9 topics for research that are necessary to know the company. Here are some of them: Company history Names of executive members Mission Statement Official site and social networks, by following the book, all these details will be examined and in fact, a way will be opened for you to do the pre-interview preparation process in order and step by step, and nothing will be missed.