How To Boost Your CV

By winfieldteam

If you are considered a senior level manager, you have the kind of job which licenses and certifications are needed then there is no need a second page of the resume. Just a single page of resume is sufficient.

It may seem nothing can be deleted. Lets have a second thought!

If your resume is consisted of more than two pages, you are not trying to make a tailored application.

How to make a one page resume?

Here are some tips:

  1. Use Margins of the smaller one: Don’t be afraid to change the margins of your resume file. The normal margin in MS Word is one inch or 2.54 centimeters on all sides. If you decrease that just a little bit, you can reduce in more information on your resume.
  2. Give Creative Resume Formats a shot: use double columns or different resume layouts to note down more information into one page.
  3. Try Smaller Fonts.
  4. Squeeze all your contact information in one line and there is no necessity to put your whole address anymore.
  5. Decrease the Size of Your Contact Information: Some people assume this part of their resume must look fancy and grab attention while actually  It doesn’t. If a recruiter wants to get in touch with you, they’ll find this information. But until that happens, the only thing they focus on is your qualifications.
  6. Delete not necessary Information About Your Education
  7. Trim Your Resume Summary