Weird Interview Questions You Might Get Asked 

By winfieldteam

Clearly, we know an interview is one of the efficient tools to assess job seekers but we can not ignore the fact that this tool has its own limitations. A part of these limitations is  Indirect questions. It may not give the interviewer the accurate insight they are looking for to select the candidates mostly and direct questions may actually be illegal.

In fact, That’s why using repetitive questions is somewhat routine.

so, if candidates have plenty of interviewing experience, they can think on their feet, What is the solution then?

Strange and unconventional questions let you investigate how quick-thinking your candidates are and how well they handle stress. 

unexpected questions prove so useful during the interview process to provoke a more honest answer.

These questions don’t have an accurate answer but there are some tips that would be good if you keep in mind.

A strange question like :

Being a dog or a cat?

If you had $ 10 million, what would you do with it?

How can we break the glass without knocking down the glass?

Maybe we can put the strange questions in some categories like this : 

Imagination: they make a scenario and they want you to expand it. In this way, they will understand your point of view on issues.

Example: Imagine you are at home. The phone is ringing, the food is burning, the tap is open and the baby is crying. What will you do?

Disrupt logic: in this kind of question do not confide. just rush to the topic and say whatever comes to your mind.

Example: How many hairs are on your head?

This or that: when you compare something and choose between them, they will search about your preferences, character, and thought patterns with your responses.  

Example: Do you prefer to fly or disappear?

For answering this question :

  1. calm down
  2. Show your confidence
  3. Ponder for a moment
  4. ask clarifying questions
  5. Think of a concept that might be behind it