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Weird Interview Questions You Might Get Asked 

By winfieldteam

Clearly, we know an interview is one of the efficient tools to assess job seekers but we can not ignore the fact that this tool has its own limitations. A part of these limitations is  Indirect questions. It may not give the interviewer the accurate insight they are looking for to select the candidates mostly…

Top 3 tips for winning a job  interview: key success!

By winfieldteam

In this article, we give you three keys to a successful job interview. Those keys are job interviews, job resumes & job coaching. we will explain more about them in the following, so follow us! Take good care of them! In a job interview, you may be asked the following questions, so read this section…

How not to fail the interviews?

By winfieldteam

Have you heard of the book Why I Never Failed An Interview by Kishaunna Codner Johnson? The purpose of this book is to address the secrets that lead to your success in a job interview. Makes many points to increase your chances of winning the interview session and gives you examples of each. You are…