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What People Say?

Due to my lack of skills in job interviews, I was constantly rejected. The Winfield team effectively taught me the best ways to appear strong in interviews with their training and advice.
I would definitely recommend your team to anyone who is seriously looking for a job abroad. Using your services made me participate in the interview with more confidence. I can easily go through the interview process.

We are Winfield an international team that specialized in helping professionals to take part in job interviews and get hired, promoted and earn more.
Winfield is passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their goals through job positions, We care about our clients, and it shows in every interaction. We appreciate the fact that while our clients may share common challenges and triumphs, everyone is unique. That’s why our process is individualized and always will be.
Winfield using over 10,000 candidates interviewing experience and reviewing CVs we know what interviewers are looking for and how to present your best self at interview.
a successful interview could be all there is between you and you dream job. Whether you have a specific role you want to prepare for or just generally want to get interview ready, we’ll work with you to identify your potential areas of weakness at interview and how to quickly remedy them so you come across as confident, comfortable and capable at interview. Interview coaching builds your awareness and confidence so that you can go into your next interview naturally feeling more confident and ready for whatever questions may be thrown your way.

Our comprehensive, individualized interview discovery program will help you go through a wide range of interview process - your talents, aptitudes, interests, values and more- to discover the opportunities that’s the right fit for you.