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15 tips for different interview types

By winfieldteam

Nowadays, there are numerous different interviewing techniques. Interviewers have a number of different approaches to assessing job candidates. to get familiar with these categories, it takes some minutes to read the text below: Generally speaking, there are 5 types of categories: 1. Based on the technology used Face-to-face interviews, Phone calls, or online interviews such…

How To Boost Your CV

By winfieldteam

If you are considered a senior level manager, you have the kind of job which licenses and certifications are needed then there is no need a second page of the resume. Just a single page of resume is sufficient. It may seem nothing can be deleted. Lets have a second thought! If your resume is…

4 Essential Steps before Interview

By winfieldteam

When you are invited to a job interview, your technical skills were enough confirmed to be assessed as a candidate for that job position, How will you be selected among the candidate pools? We think the key to be selected is a successful interview.  this magical process has 3 parts, before the interview, During the…